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Discover your light with connect
Benita Lehmann
24. August 2017
Benita Lehmann

Let your home shine with EGLO connect. Control all luminaires simply via smartphone, tablet or connect remote.

Master of light

Bathe your living room in warm cosy colours or preferring a neutral daylight option? No problem with connect, you can choose between 16 million colours and 50.000 white tones, continuously dimmable by remote or App. Pre-set sequences and scenes ensure the perfect atmosphere for watching TV, snuggling or working. 

Stay connected

Being in the living room and want to control the lighting in the bedroom? Easy with Mesh-technology. The integrated luminaires form an automatic network and communicate among each other. The operating range grows with each connect product and is limitless expandable. Control your luminaires individually or group them into rooms and living areas. 

The way you like it

If you prefer to be woken up naturally, simulate a sun rise.  And if you are on holidays, program all luminaires to automatically switch on and off in advance. This way your home appears occupied all the time. Suitable for each party: The “disco mode”. The luminaires change their rhythm and colour fitting to your personal playlist.

Your home –  your light

Connect makes your home a smart lighting experience. Find personal and feel-good colours and use all connect advantages.

Benita Lehmann
Benita Lehmann
Content & Publishing Management 2017
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