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Work and Relax
René Moser
12. March 2018
René Moser

Click – bright light floods the kitchen. Max tosses his school bag onto the bench. He opens his bag and rummages around for his exercise sheet. Mathematics. Click-click – the light illuminates the dinner table in a pleasantly warm light. "Max, please put your exercises away. We're about to eat," calls Max’s mother. Click-click. The table is cleared. Mama pulls her sewing kit from a drawer below the table. She precisely threads the tiny eye of the needle – a perfect hit.

These or similar scenes happen in thousands of households every day. Various tasks are performed at the main meeting point of the house. The dinner table is more than just the centre of the culinary journey through Mama's cooking skills. It must be universal. Most of all, it must be well lit. Work in the home office or the weekly game of chess – only the right light will make the activity an experience. What must be observed?


Dark world of shadows

Everyone has experienced it before – That moment when you start to write, sew or scribble and darkness envelops your workspace. Even surface lighting without annoying shadows is what we need now. Pendulum lamps offer a practical solution. Single pendulums or longitudinal lamps are chosen based on table size.

Length matters

In order to fully use the luminance of the luminaire, the distance between the luminaire and table top is highly important as well. It must be between 80 cm and 100 cm. Not too long – but also not too short.


Click yourself bright

Special circumstances require special functions: make your dining table lighting versatile. Work & relax is more than just a slogan. Find the matching mood for any everyday situation. Uncomplicated– without having to install a special dimmer. For this, simply use the already-installed light switch. We offer two light colours with the Work & Relax series: Cold white is perfect for work on the kitchen table. Warm white will let you relax and makes the wine tastier.


The tip of the lightberg

A successful solution for your kitchen lighting also includes basic and ambience lighting. This triad will give you perfect light. That is what Max and his mother did – simple, fast and uncomplicated. Put the right things in focus – with Work & Relax by EGLO

René Moser
René Moser
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