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Solar luminaires for your outdoor living room
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Benita Lehmann
09. August 2017
Benita Lehmann

Solar luminaires for your outdoor living room

Bathe your summer living room in individual light. Create a cosy atmosphere with solar luminaires – whether having a barbecue with friends or while having a good glass of wine – this is the way to enjoy mild summer evenings.

Play it colourful

Preferring cold blue or rather warm orange? Create the right lighting mood with colour changing solar luminaires. Our luminaires in sparkling copper and shining brown are one of this summer’s must haves. No holidays this summer? Not a problem: Holiday atmosphere on the balcony can easily be created with our colourful textile luminaires with LED-light chain.

Light up the autumn

To make spending time outdoors possible even when the days are getting shorter, we have developed LED candles. They look natural and shine in warm-white light. A great way to create atmosphere and enjoy the golden autumn. Our solar luminaires with iridescent glass have been extended by fantastic colour- and pattern combinations in green/blue and orange/red. They banish the autumn Blues.

 A garden with flair

With our light chains, trees and bushes can be highlighted to great effect and set in the right mood. And if you want to float: Our solar globe is the highlight in each pond.

Benita Lehmann
Benita Lehmann
Content & Publishing Management 2017
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