Bath & Mirror Luminaires
The women whisperer - Colour Rendering Index
12. October 2018
Vanessa Koch
A delicate hint of rosé on the cheeks, perfect contours and a breath-taking look. I didn't see all this when I looked at myself in the mirror of the elevator. With the feeling of being at the mercy I took the few steps to our open-plan office. There the partly questioning, partly unbelieving looks stabbed me in the back. I began to think: "Is that really necessary?"
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Bath & Mirror Luminaires
Light Ideas
Bathroom lighting at the highest level!
14. December 2015
Victoria Künig
A completely new appearance brings fresh zest into the segment of bathroom lighting. "Batholino" is the pleasant-sounding name of the series of lamps, which is particularly well-suited to the bathroom..
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