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Back to school with the right light
Benita Lehmann
05. October 2017
Benita Lehmann

Find the right lighting just in time for the beginning of school: Discover the world of our diverse children’s luminaries and immerse your child’s room in a new light for the new school year. 

With loving attention to details

Our children luminaires are characterised by their playful and child-sensitive design. The child-centred motives shine in diverse colours and make your child’s room a special place of cosiness.

Fit or the day

To make getting up for school easier, you can place our bird luminaire SPARINO either on the bedside table or mount it on the wall next to the bed. The branch included in the scope of delivery ensures the bird is floating on the wall – choose between yellow or mint green. For the little ones dreaming of the ocean, our WALINA luminaire is the right choice – either in shape of a blue or a violet whale.

Focused and creative

Light fosters your child’s concentration and learning capacity. But children are supposed to – and shall – play. To get the homework done in a jolly atmosphere, our monkey LOUIE is the ideal straight-from-the-jungle companion. Whether as classical ceiling or wall luminaire or with cute mobile elements – LOUIE shines in a playful design and will enchant the small ones instantly. Our BIUBIU zebra-look luminaire is the perfect match. It watches the children as wall luminaire straight from the jungle book.

Dream big

For soccer fans, we have our JUNIOR 1 ceiling- and wall luminaire in soccer design. It is made from satin-finished glass. With this, you will reach the heart of every little kicker. And if space is the destination: with our astronaut ASTRONOVA and its changeable stickers your child will feel like a little explorer.

Benita Lehmann
Benita Lehmann
Content & Publishing Management 2017

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