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Dimming without dimmer?
11. March 2016
Markus Grasser

Finding the right dimmer for LED lights is not always easy, and also subject to high costs and consulting effort. EGLO has recognised this trend and offers an optimised and very simple solution.

Our step dimming lights can be dimmed with present switches – wall, cable, housing or foot switches. The dimmer technology is placed in the light and thus saves you the exhausting search for the right dimmer.

By operating the switch several times (switching on/off), the lamp can be adjusted to the desired brightness. There are 3 different brightnesses to choose from: 100%, 50% and 25%.

If the light is switched off and on again within 3 seconds, it will automatically switch to the next dimming level. If the light remains off for more than 3 seconds, 100 % luminosity will automatically be available again at the next activation – you will not have to switch through all the way the next day.

Overview of the benefits:

  • No dimmer needed anymore – you can save high procurement costs for a modern LED-capable dimmer.
  • Present and already-installed lamps can be retrofitted by simply switching to our LED step dimming lights – you will not need to go to the effort of installing a dimmer anymore.
  • Dimming is easily possible using several switches. Dimming thus becomes possible for alternating/cross circuits without any great technical effort.
  • Table, floor or wall lamps without a dimmer can be dimmed simply and without great technical effort with our step dimming lights – of course only if they have an integrated switch. Cable, housing or foot switches work.


Our step dimming lights can only be dimmed via the on/off switch –operation with conventional dimmers is not intended and may cause permanent damage to the electronics. The lights are therefore marked „not dimmable“ according to the European provisions.

Markus Grasser
Markus Grasser
In addition to strategic Product Management of Interior Lighting I’m also the responsible Product Manager of our Illuminants sector.

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