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Dimmers and more: Find the perfect function for your home
Dimmers and more: Find the perfect function for your home
René Moser
30. October 2018
René Moser

Home – feet up – strenuous day. At least that was the plan: As soon as you enter the living room, the bright light shines into your eyes. "Oh, how awkward!", it breaks out of you. And there it is – your mission: Pleasant lighting to relax after a strenuous day at the office.

Simply lean back..

Create cosiness with the right lighting. Forget complicated modifications with a lot of effort. Use existing switches or your smartphone. With our technologies you can safely put your electrician's telephone number aside, controlling the light becomes simple. Save yourself a time-consuming retrofitting of your lighting technology with the following options.

Touched a 1000 times – a 1000 times something happened

Numerous technologies from EGLO let your living room shine in different colours, impress with constant brightening when you wake up or simply remember your favourites. From the classics of dimmable luminaires to the SMART-Home solution – you will find your perfect solution. Guaranteed without complicated wiring you can do exactly what you want: A homely atmosphere after a strenuous day. Quite simply – in numerous variants.


Dimmable luminaires

You are a house builder? Then use wall switches with dimmers for your electrical installations. This allows you to control all luminaires marked as "dimmable" by EGLO. Or you use any dimmable illuminant from categories 2 to 9. Here the dimming logic is installed in the switch, in all other variants in the luminaire or in the illuminant. Turn the dimmer and adjust the light intensity.


Convenient dimming with existing on/off switches: Use a step dimming luminaire or simply screw a step dimming illuminant into any lamp. You can change between 10%, 50% and 100% brightness by pressing the light switch several times.

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ŽStep Tunable

Use the on/off switch to select from different light colours: Depending on mood sometimes warm white, sometimes neutral white, sometimes cool white.

Relax & Work

Work in neutral white light, concentrated and effective. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you in warm white light. The luminairess and illuminants offer a 2in1 solution and can be controlled via conventional light switches.

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‘4- & 5-Stepdimming

4-stepdimming illuminants can be dimmed directly on the wall switch in four preset steps. 5-step dimming lamps also have an ambient light mode.

Tunable White

Choose between cold white, neutral white or warm white shades by remote control or integrated touch function. Adapt the light to your needs. With functions such as the integrated timer, the night light function or the memory function, the luminaires provide additional convenience.

“EGLO Colours

Control your light with the supplied remote control. With dimmable, warm white light and 16 different colours, you can adapt your living space to the occasion. Four different programs, such as the slow colour change, add variety to your living area.

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”EGLO connect

Continuous dimming – lighting in different white and colour moods. Control all rooms with the remote control, your smartphone or Amazon Alexa. Your luminaires switch off on a time-controlled basis and are gently darkened when you fall asleep – EGLO Connect offers a wide range of options. Discover them at

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René Moser
René Moser
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