Light at the right time
Benita Lehmann
09. November 2017
Benita Lehmann

When the days become shorter and the cosy season of the year is starting: Illuminate your outdoor area with our luminaires. Not only does aesthetics count but also arriving safely at the door step.

Safe and smart

Smart light activated by movement frightens uninvited guests and protects you and your family from trip hazards and doorsteps. Your hands remain free to carry your bags. Sensors provide you with a great deal of comfort in your daily life and increase the safety of your home. A coverage angle of 180° and a 12-meter range make sure each corner is illuminated. A smart decision for your power consumption: No one will ever forget to switch off the light. That saves you money and reduces energy costs by up to 90 %.

Safe and sound

The right choice to illuminate facades: Illuminants-ranges PERAFITA or PREDAZZO cover large surface by shining light upwards and downwards. Setting the scene for paths and stairway cases is made easy with our spots and recessed luminaires ZIMBA and LAMEDO. Decoration luminaires like TERRICO set special highlights in the garden or on the balcony. This way, your outdoor area shines especially beautiful in the sparkling snow and you will never lose sight of your way.

Safety – all year long

Whether on mild summer days; when colourful autumn leaves are floating through the landscape or in crunching snow: With the right outdoor luminaire, your staircase, entrance area, garden or balcony become a safe and tastefully decorated place during each season of the year.

Benita Lehmann
Benita Lehmann
Content & Publishing Management 2017

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