Light off for halogen lamps
Light off for halogen lamps
René Moser
17. September 2018
René Moser

September makes everything new. At least when it comes to the final step towards banning halogen lamps. For several years now, the EU has been successfully phasing out electricity guzzlers by means of legislation. At just under 60, the halogen lamps has reached retirement age and is leaving the stage. We have summarised for you here exactly how this departure looks like and who shines as a new star in the lamp sky.

Say “Bye” to hallogen

To all halogen illuminants? Well, not exactly. Only non-directional high-voltage halogen lamps will be affected by the ban from 1st September 2018. High voltage means that these illuminants are operated directly with the mains voltage of 230 volts. With the regulation coming into force on 1st September 2018, the production and import of high-voltage halogen lamps will cease:

  • On the one hand those with the classic E14 and E27 screw bases (non-directional light)
  • Directional high-voltage halogen lamps have been banned since 1st September 2016 – this applies above all to halogen lamps with GU-10 bases.

Exceptions to the above rule in the high-voltage range are halogen lamps with R7s base or G9 pin base. These may also continue to be produced and marketed with an energy efficiency class C or D.

With low-voltage halogen luminaires, the mains voltage is regulated downwards by means of a transformer. Instead of 230 volts operating voltage you usually have 12 or 24 volts for operating the lamps. They are more durable than high-voltage lamps and also have a higher light yield. But here too the EU has tightened the criteria for non-directional halogen lamps from 1st September 2018. These must now – among other criteria – at least comply with energy efficiency class “B”. Examples of such low-voltage halogen lamps are the well-known lamps for the G4 pin base. Since 1st September 2016, directional low-voltage halogen lamps have had to meet the stricter EU criteria – they too must at least reach the “B” energy efficiency class by this date.

Halogen lamps for special applications – such as illuminants for lighting in ovens – are an exception to the rule.

--> Click here for the EU regulation: <--


Why all the magic?

Even if separations sometimes hurt, this one really makes sense: Remember when your beloved light bulb disappeared? Today we know that this EU decision was the right one in terms of efficient energy use. This fact only becomes clear when we look at how much energy the various light sources really consume: Imagine the 100W light bulb. To achieve the same lighting for an area, you need a 75W halogen lamps and only a 15W LED lamp. Good for the environment, good for your wallet.


What now? LED is the answer!

You are uncertain and do not know whether you need new illuminants for your lamp? Don't worry: the regulation only regulates the distribution of light sources, not their use. This means: If an older halogen lamp breaks down, you do not get an energy guzzler but an energy saver as a replacement. Sounds like a fair deal, doesn't it?

What do you have to pay attention to when buying luminaires?

  1. Look for the product name. Old halogen remnants are still being sold out. Our LED light sources are clearly marked as such – so you can't go wrong here.
  2. Is the warm white light of your halogen lamps important to you? Then, when buying LED lamps, pay attention to the light colour indicated directly on the packaging. 2,200 to 3,000 Kelvin provide you with warm white light.
  3. You use a dimmer switch? Then make sure that the lamp of your choice is marked as dimmable. Careful: Not every LED light works with every dimmer – make sure it is compatible. On our website you will find compatible dimmers for our illuminants in the European market. So that it does not flicker unpleasantly over the dining table.

So nothing more stands in the way of saying goodbye to the halogen lamp. Get inspiration for your new LED illuminant and browse through our extensive range.



René Moser
René Moser
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