Living Room Lighting: Good Light Takes Time
Living Room Lighting: Good Light Takes Time
René Moser
28. June 2018
René Moser

Grab a book, settle on your sofa and start reading. You notice it immediately: something is wrong. You squint – not enough light. Bad lighting is not only uncomfortable but it also harms your health. We will show you how to do it right.

We spend an average of 90% of our days in closed rooms. The lighting in our living rooms and workplaces is often insufficient. Recognise the potential of your rooms, find suitable lighting solutions, make your rooms shine. If you think that the right lighting needs a concept, you are perfectly right. If you think that you cannot do this, you are wrong. We help you keep an eye on this. Take action against pounding headaches and stinging, watering eyes. Discover how simple lighting a room can be.

Basic lighting: Good from the basics

Every room needs a solid basic lighting. It illuminates and is the foundation of your lighting concept. The steady rock in your sea of light is usually a ceiling luminaire. Wall luminaires can be used for basic lighting as well. Pay attention to the room size: Meeting rooms may need several ceiling luminaires - child bedrooms will not. We recommend a basic lighting of 100 lm/m² for the living space.

Would you like an example? Your living room has 20 m² - therefore, you need 2000 lm to light it. When choosing your luminaries, ensure that at least 2000 lm will be irradiated.

Recommended lumen per square metre:

  • Living room, bedroom 100 lm/m²
  • Bathroom, kitchen & work room 300 lm/m²

Work lighting: Work hard – read smart

Where there is a will there is a way - that is our motto in terms of work lighting. Are you thinking of annoying emails, ringing phones and your beloved open-plan office? That's right, but by work lighting, we mean things like reading, knitting or painting your nails. Comfortably – on your sofa. Spice up your island of happiness with a floor luminaire. Flexibility is just what you need: No need to spend hours frozen in the same position anymore. Never again fear to lose your perfect reading position just because you turn around. A flexible reading lamp arm will certainly enable you to find the right setting.


Ambience lighting: Pulling all strings

Boredom is a thing of the past – skilfully present your favourite picture, book shelf or a dark corner. Use of direct and indirect light offers many options: Do you have low rooms? It's not a problem: Light your ceiling indirectly to add contour and height to your room. Cover up spots you do not like by bringing out your highlights. LED strips, which are easy to attach, are particularly suitable. The easy control for your living space will simply delight you.

LED Tisch

Implementation: Let's get to it!

Now you have everything you need to implement your lighting dream. Everything? Nearly so – you just need a compact check-list for your next lighting plans. You can find it here:

  • Define the room type (living room, kitchen, bath, …)
  • Measure the room size & calculate the total lumen:
    • Square metres of the living room or bedroom x 100 = total lumen
    • Square metres of the bathroom, kitchen or work room x 300 = total lumen
  • Determine mounting options (plasterboard, concrete, brick)
  • Choose basic lighting (ceiling luminaire, wall luminaire) with the correct lumen value depending on the mounting option
  • Use work luminaires where necessary: Use floor luminaires with a flexible arm
  • Set accents with ambience lighting: Install LED strips

The simplest tricks will enable you to optimise your lighting. Enjoy your hours on the couch in a relaxed atmosphere. No matter if you are reading, watching TV or cuddling - our lighting advice will make sure that you are ready for any situation. What are you waiting for?

René Moser
René Moser
I have been working for EGLO in online marketing since December 2017.
I am responsible for Content & Publishing Management as well as social media.

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