Lighting Basics
Lumen and Watt
René Moser
08. January 2018
René Moser

In the past, the watts were decisive when choosing a luminaire. In times of LED lighting, the lumen value has become relevant for finding the right one. The watt number will only tell you how much power the luminaire consumes, without saying anything about its brightness.

The easy way of converting watts to lumens!

If you are still used to thinking in watts, you can use the following table to keep your usual room lighting:

Light intensity


LED luminaire


Halogen luminaire


Classical light bulb (Watt)
136 lm 2-3 10 15
249 lm 4-5 20 25
470 lm 5 25 40
806 lm 8 50 60
1055 lm 12 55 75
1521 lm 15 70 100
2452 lm 24 100 150

More than just brightness

LED luminaires allow you to choose between different colour temperatures. They are stated in Kelvin (K). For comparison: A 60 Watt luminaire (light bulb) corresponds to 2700 kelvins and thus has a warm-white colour temperature. The range of 3300-3500 K is called neutral white and the area above 5000 K is called cold white light.

Saving energy costs

LED luminaires save current, let you profit of energy efficiency and give you the opportunity to choose your lighting's colour temperature.

René Moser
René Moser
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