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Multi-faceted – wood luminaires as eye-catchers
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René Moser
05. February 2018
René Moser

The lamella luminaire series by EGLO, which has been successful for several seasons, will give the living room of your dreams natural accents while serving as a special eye-catcher for you and your guests. The construction kit of wood and electrical materials comprises just a few parts that can be assembled in a way that is nearly self-explanatory. Find out how the natural furnishing accent creates a comfortable atmosphere and how to redefine the subject of lighting.

Do it yourself – Simple setup guaranteed

The laser-treated wood lamellas are inserted into an attachment ring that turns the entire luminaire into a firm and resilient body based on design. Various versions of this top seller permit light distribution adjusted to the situation with and without glass or plastic elements. Skilfully place accents and brighten up your room evenly with a warm light. The luminaire is quick to assemble and install. You do not need any great crafts skills to set up and install the new highlight, but the order in which the lamellas are inserted is decisive. Observation of these individual steps in the assembly instructions will quickly and securely take you to your desired lighting result – supported by comprehensive installation instructions and assembly videos.

Style icon for your home

The overall offer of the wood lamella luminaires by EGLO reflect the natural relationship between man and material. Wood is a unique basic material for this. In one or two colours – the Lamella Luminaires series offers something for any taste: Fit for modern living, the elegant lamellas solutions have an open, clear and straight-lined design. They give any residential unit the flair of a stylish city flat. In contrast to this, the maple-coloured lamella series is solid, rustic and warm. In particular the interaction with other furnishings of wood makes this lighting solution an optimal alternative for putting beloved inventory properly on display. These two lamella series are supplemented by dark-brown lamella luminaires that show their elegant and room-filling side. Powerful and yet light, they optimally fit into any room to produce a comfortable ambience. No matter if they are round, oval, pear-shaped or trapezoidal – EGLO lamella luminaires offer sustainable lighting options with selected natural materials in any form of implementation.

The special edition Fabella will bring colour to your four walls. The properties of the wood-lamella luminaires can be stylishly combined with trendy and noticeable colours. These models are ideal for designing child bedrooms or play rooms.

The broad range of lamella luminaires by EGLO offers just the right solution for any taste. Choose from the many luminaries to add new energy to your living area.

Are you feeling inspired?

We bet that you will find more than just our collection of lamella luminaires to bring a smile to your face. If you are not inspired yet, check out our Pinterest Board for further ideas on how to put your home into a better light with natural materials. Let us inspire you!

René Moser
René Moser
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