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Smart Garden Lighting
René Moser
25. May 2018
René Moser

You pull open the boot, grab your two heavy shopping bags and walk towards your house entrance. It's typical – you were in the office too long once again. Endless phone calls and the annual statement kept you from getting home on time. Darkness envelops your house. The scent of freshly cut grass and spring flowers fills your nose. Suddenly, you twist your left ankle - a sharp pain spreads. "Darling, is that you?" comes a familiar voice from the darkness. You swallow the pounding pain and reply: "Yes. Please switch on the garden light - I can't see a thing here!" Two seconds later, two outdoor lamps start flickering lazily and slowly increase in brightness.

Avoid dangerous and difficult situations like this in future. Garden and entrance lighting can be so simple. We will show you how simply it can be with our EGLO connect system. It's ideal for your house and garden. We present to you here how you can use the EGLO connect System for your garden and entrance area.

Easy, smart & safe

Design your living space smart and safe with EGLO connect. The Smart-Home solution will support you in your own four walls. Dare to step outside as well! Quickly and securely connect your EGLO connect luminaires for the outdoor area to your app, remote control or the Amazon Echo (Dot). Brighten up your driveway, display your colourful flower bed and secure your entrance area against unauthorised visitors.

Less is more – the connect Sensor

Save unnecessary wiring. One battery charge will enable the outdoor Connect to support you for two years. It is easy to install and will sit at a height of approx. 2.50 m – with its connect outdoor lamps by its feet at all times. Three functions are available for your lighting solution:

  • Night Mode – Turn night into day

Unlit paths and dark entrance areas are now a thing of the past. Once it is dark, the Night Mode will ensure that your outdoor luminaires will be switched on. Define the desired brightness in advance and add safety to the respective area.

  • Night movement detection – add motion to the game

The connect sensor can also be used as a classic motion detector. Once the sight window of the sensor perceives any movement, this information will be passed on to the connect system. As if by magic, the connect luminaires in your setup will illuminate your entrance area.

  • Combination of Night Mode and Night movement detection

Skilfully combine the two modes and adjust the EGLO connect system to your situation. Configure your luminaires comfortably with an app.

Outdoor Style by EGLO

They must be stylish, practical and functional. In particular in outdoor luminaires, we repeatedly find very high requirements. With the EGLO connect Outdoor series, we have met the many wishes of our customers to combine timeless elegance and a trendy eye-catcher in one in the CALDIERO-C series. Make sure that tripping hazards won't stand a chance in future and increase safety in your outdoor area.

Design highlight – Monterolo

We painstakingly pretty up our gardens in spring: As soon as winter is gone, the paths and beds are groomed once more. Sweetly scented flowers ring the centre of your garden. To enable you to proudly look at your garden in the evening and at night as well, we suggest our MONTEROLO-C. This luminaire family combines four different sizes easily with your eye-catcher. Nature and technology supplement each other optimally. Try it out! Good news for all balcony owners: In addition to the 600 mm and 500mm versions, there are also two smaller models (390 mm and 300 mm).

René Moser
René Moser
"Content is King - context is Queen" - content and products are prepared by me so that you feel like getting more EGLO. My tasks in the Online Team are Content & Publishing Management and Social Media.

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