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Sustainable, practical, good – solar luminaires
Sustainable, practical, good – solar luminaires
Anna Zimmermann
13. September 2018
Anna Zimmermann

You like to grill? Then you spend a large part of the summer on your terrace or balcony. When the last sunrays flash through the treetops at the end of the day, twilight falls over the landscape. It's only a few minutes till nightfall. Then comes their big performance: We are talking about our solar luminaires. Why these are so practical and what this investment has to do with sustainability, we show you here.

The idea behind solar luminaires is simple: During the day, energy is generated by solar radiation via the integrated solar panels. This is temporarily stored in a battery and, if required, used by the solar luminaire to emit light. The luminaires then light up for an average of six to eight hours – this is not only a long time, but also very efficient.

Everything sounds very simple, doesn't it? We offer a variety of solar luminaires in different variations. Embellish your outdoor area at will. You can choose from luminaires with a wide range of features: from replaceable batteries to motion sensors – there is something for every requirement


Solar luminaires not only set chic accents, but can also be used for safety along paths. In addition, they offer a protective function as they discreetly illuminate areas and provide orientation.

In terms of sustainability, solar luminaires are unquestionably impressive due to the energy generation already mentioned. But they are also clearly ahead of conventional luminaires in terms of installation and mounting. No additional resources are required for laying cables or the like. The solar luminaire simply has to be placed where it is needed. Simple, fast and uncomplicated.

So our conclusion is quite clear: Hats off to the solar luminaires! Thanks to the solar-powered luminaires, nothing stands in the way of long barbecues and shorter days.

Anna Zimmermann
Anna Zimmermann
I've had the opportunity to do an internship in summer 2018 at EGLO. During this time I was able to contribute to different marketing projects like the preparation and creation of blog articles for example.

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