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The first apartment
The first apartment
Anna Zimmermann
13. November 2018
Anna Zimmermann

Out of the old nursery and into a new world. Away from the parents' house, towards the first, own apartment. That's exactly what I'd dreamed of for a long time! How would I arrange the rooms? For years I had imagined what my own four walls would look like.

Now for the first time I hold my keys in my hand and have a grin like a Cheshire cat on my face. The most important pieces of furniture have already found their place – now only the right lighting is missing.

Finding the right lamp is like looking for a needle in a haystack, because the choice is huge. That's where my internship at EGLO Leuchten comes in handy. So I finally decided on the right lighting for my first apartment and don't have to be in the dark anymore. And most importantly, my student account is still in the black. I would be happy to share my personal highlights with you!

Don't we all have our weaknesses? Mine is called CARLTON 2

My CARLTON 2 is right next to my bed and shines in full splendour. This table lamp is a shining eyecatcher in my white bedroom. The lampshade made of black and gold textile looks extremely stylish and stands out. The wire–look luminaire base gives the lamp a light and modern look – just the way I like it.


Carved in concrete: My living room lamp TAREGA

I fell head over heels in love with TAREGA. The combination of grey concrete and brown wood makes the lamp appear natural and urban at the same time. It gives my living room a very special flair and is an absolute eye–catcher.

With its concrete look, the luminaire has also inspired me to decorate my living room: Concrete flower pots now round off the look. Do it yourself, I thought to myself and – with a little effort – made the plant pots myself. Whoever wants to try: YouTube offers numerous tutorials, I tried this one.

A pleasant atmosphere is now ensured. Relaxed film evenings, as well as a glass of wine with good friends on the couch, nothing stands in the way.

And because all good things come in threes: BRIXHAM

Culinary meeting place and chaotic workplace – this is my kitchen.  This is precisely why the right lighting plays such an important role. The BRIXHAM pendant luminaire shines above the wooden table of a Swedish furniture store. Simple, but still totally stylish. The lampshade is made of clear glass, so you can see the light source. I have chosen an illuminant in the old light bulb look from the EGLO "Amber" series and now enjoy a pleasant ambience thanks to the warm light colour.

The new lighting is the icing on the cake for my first own apartment. Chic, simple and inexpensive. And what about the illumination of your four walls?

Anna Zimmermann
Anna Zimmermann
I've had the opportunity to do an internship in summer 2018 at EGLO. During this time I was able to contribute to different marketing projects like the preparation and creation of blog articles for example.

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